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Travel for Leisure

You embark on each trip for a different reason.  Sometimes it is to stand on the beach and listen to waves while other times it is to explore the mountains of one of the National Parks.  The journey is to find the meaning of the dream and return with the memory.

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Bucket List Trips

We at Travel There And Back specialize in  weaving the dreams of adventures and experiences into the reality of today and the memories for tomorrow.  Our goal is to make sure if we send you on a trip it will be on your list of fulfilled dreams  when you return.

Let us help you make your dreams come true as easy opening your eyes and taking that first step out the door.

Happy Family

Family Travel

Family travel can generate some of the most lasting memories that will continue across the generations. Here are some of our family travel and ideas form clients.

  • Vacation to Italy to celebrate a graduation

  • Christmas trip to Disney World

  • Multi-generational Alaska cruise to celebrate Grandma's birthday

  • Grandparent/Grandchild trip to Germany

These are special bucket list trips that we pay special attention to.  Let us help you put the details together.  You should focus on the experience and the memories.

Ferry on the Water

River Cruising

Interested in themed cruising? We have access to a wine tasting river cruise right here in Washington state as well as wine tasting river cruises in Europe.  Start local and then move onto global. There are many river cruises out there. Some of our favorites are Un-Cruise Adventures River Cruise along the Columbia and Snake Rivers here in Washington. American Cruise Lines has several cruises in the Northwest, the East Coast and the Mississippi River. For other parts of the world, there is Avalon Waterways, Ama Waterways, Viking and many more. 


All Inclusive Travel

Is it time to escape to the sun and sand?  Time to enjoy food, music and dancing? Do you need an afternoon at the spa or on the golf course?  How about playing on, in or under the water?
If you are answering Yes to any of these then you might want to think about an All Inclusive vacation. 


Find your way to:

  • Mexico

  • Jamaica

  • Costa Rica

  • Dominican Republic

The most difficult decision of the vacation will be what to have for dessert.

Educational Travel

Educational Travel is how Travel There and Back has chosen to pay it forward to the next generation of travelers.  Our goal is to help groups find affordable options to experience and learn about the world we all live in and share. We have experience with Girl Scouts and other groups helping them with :

  • Travel Arrangements

  • Organizing on the ground experiences to gain insight and learn about the cultures you travel to

  • Help with pre-trip planning so your group is prepared and ready for an experience of a life time.

We work with you to put together the experience that will help you meet the objectives of your educational group.

New Hires

Group Travel

Admit it, you saw this title and thought 15 countries in 17 days and your entire vacation spent on a bus with 42 other people.  That is the farthest thing from what we consider group travel.

For Travel There And Back, group travel is a small group of people coming together to see a common destination.  Any group needs to have individual as well as group time.  Everybody doesn't need to eat every meal together for example.


Examples of groups could be

  • Trip to Amsterdam to celebrate a friend's birthday

  • Social Group of friends to experience Croatia

  • Golf buddies to Scotland to experience the birth place of golf

  • Girls trip to the Caribbean to enjoy the sand and sun

  • Wine Club exploring the wine country of Italy

One final thing to keep in mind.  Group travel doesn't mean everybody has to originate from the same airport and travel on the same flight.  You can all gather together at the destination no matter where you start.

High School Friends
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