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The Story Of

Our Travels

We are often asked about our favorite vacation, city or trip.  The answer depends on the reason we are traveling.  Each trip speaks to one of our dreams. Here we will share the stories of some of those dreams.



Jamaica is where we learned how special a travel advisor can make a trip.  It was a time in our life when we needed a vacation where the most difficult decision to make is what drink to get from the bar.  Once the vacation started we didn't even want to decide how to pay for something.  Our friend who is a travel advisor not only heard what we wanted, but what we needed and found us the perfect all inclusive resort and set us up with a couple of excursions where we were the only ones on the excursion. The trip inspired us on our journey to become travel advisors.

Let us share some pictures with you.


Italy has become a special place for us.  We shared special memories with our kids as our son graduated from high school and prepared to join The Marines.  Michelle, will leave for Italy again in October to learn how to help make our clients dreams come true.  

Ponte Vecchio
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