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Building a Golf Community for Travelers

Travel There And Back is building an online community here at Golf There And Back to connect with golfers. We look to provide you with information about travel and golf. It doesn't matter if the trip is a weekend away down the road or that dream trip to Scotland and the birthplace of golf, St. Andrew's. With Covid throwing a major slice into all travel plans we are here to answer questions, help you learn about opportunities near and far and just be a resource for you to start dreaming of where your next round is going to be.

We are putting together several places across the internet so you can meet where it is most convenient to you. So join us on:

Follow us on Twitter @GolfThereAnBack

We will occasionally tell you about travel specials we come across but this is not a place to sell you on packages. We are here to tell stories, listen to stories and share information about golf and travel.

So welcome and let us know where the next place you are looking forward to teeing it up.

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