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Travel gives you a chance to live what’s in your imagination.

At Travel There and Back we’re dreamweavers, offering the ease and joy of a journey well-planned.

Dreaming of Travel / Living your Dreams


The purpose of a bucket list is to make sure you get to experience all of your dreams and wishes.  We are not promised tomorrow so don't wait to experience your dream.  Our purpose is to turn your dreams into memories.  Don't be afraid to check off a dream, you will find two more to fill the spot on your list.

What does leisure travel mean to you?  Could it be:

  • Sitting on the beach reading a book?

  • Snorkeling or surfing off that same beach?

  • Hiking through the mountains?

  • Sitting on the deck of a cabin drinking coffee watching the fall colors?

  • Exploring the great museums of Europe?

  • Enjoying a glass of wine and dessert sitting at a sidewalk café somewhere in Europe?

It can be all of those things or none of them.  What matters is your definition. What matters to us is finding that kernel of truth for each person you are traveling with and making sure they are heard and get to experience "their" version of leisure travel.

Colorful Beach

Special Interest Packages

On many travel web sites from large mega travel sites down to small brick and mortar agencies you will find pre-packaged tours and vacations.  And yes, we have access to all those same packages.  We can overwhelm you with options just like they do.  However, our goal is to hand you that package that is just right for you.  Maybe you need a weekend getaway to Walla Walla or that 180 day Around the World Cruise but until we hear your story we will never know what package will make your dream come true.

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