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Weaving your travel dreams
into the experiences that become the memories you treasure the rest of your life.

What we do

As we talk about our own travel adventures our clients keeps asking how they can join us.  Well, we have added hosted groups to our list of services. What it means is we setup adventures and then invite our clients to join us.  Our groups are always small groups, and we build in time so that you have time for yourself as well and not just with the group the entire time.  Scroll down to see where we are going next.

Independant Travel

This is where we focus most of our time. We believe that each trip is unique to the traveler. We take the time to ask you about your dreams and then hear the story you tell.  The trip you take is the one you have been dreaming about and not what a marketing person put on a brochure. 

Affinity Groups 

Wine groups exploring Tuscan wineries. Golf club groups teeing of around Scotland. Groups of families gathering together at an all-inclusive resort to celebrate high school graduation. Three generations of family cruising to Alaska creating shared memories. Affinity Groups are what you want and need them to be. They are not 40 strangers gathering on a bus to visit 12 countries in 14 days.

Explore with Travel There And Back


Unlimited Golf May 2-6, 2024
Moon Palace - Cancun

Leave the winter of 2023 behind and join us in sunny Mexico for a long weekend unlimited food, drinks and GOLF!!!


Wine on the Rhone River
Cruise Southern France Nov 7-14,2024

Join us and AmaWaterways to enjoy Wind, Food and History as we cruise the Rhone River in Southern France

Destination Guides

If you are anything like us your list of places to visit keeps growing. We check off one place and put two more places on the list. We have gathered destination guides for places from around the world.  Sign up to learn about someplace you want to go or find a new place to add to your list.

Travel planning

What We Specialize In

While our goal is to always make your travel dreams into experiences that will fuel your memories there are certain specialties that we are passionate about and want to share with our clients


A golfer is a traveler because they live in the moment from arriving at the course to reliving the memories of each round at the 19th hole.

Fancy Dinner

To move from tourist to traveler you need to immerse yourself in the culture and history of your location & no better way to do that than with food and wine.

4 - Rhine River.png

While an ocean cruise will take you to a country a River Cruise takes you through the country experiencing it with the locals.


Where We Go

Each dream is unique to the traveler and why you go to one destination is going to be different than the next person headed to the same place. These are the parts of the world we have the most expertise. You will find our heart in Europe enjoying a round of golf or a bottle of wine. Some of the most amazing vistas can be found chris-crossing US. Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America provide access to history, food and amazing beaches to sit and watch the sun set. Your journey begins with the first step out the door. If we don't feel that we are the right people to complete your journey we can help you find the expert to work with.

North America
Alaska & Hawaii

#2 volcanoes are part of the island history, not scary
#13 the perfect place for a first time lesson
#11 Hawaii and its food influences
#12 snorkel, swim or dive with the marine life
#8 fun facts beaches Hawaii
#7 plumeria fun facts
#10 why Hawaii is full of romance
#9 Hawaii culture fun facts
#6 Honolulu fun facts
#3 fun facts hula
#5 why sunsets are so stunning in Hawaii
#14 why Hawaii has a magical feeling
#4 fun facts waterfalls in Hawaii
#15 hike, drive or horseback ride to see the sights
#1 landscapes so stunning for movies and tv shows
#10 Totem pole interesting facts
#7 Salmon in Alaska
#9 Ididorod fun facts
#5 Fun facts glaciers
#4 Fun Fact Alaskan National Parks
#8 Connecting with the outdoors
#6 Train journeys in Alaska
#3 Denali National Park
#2 Whale watching in Alaska
#1 Fun fact Husky Dogs
#15 Great Horned Own
#12 cruise to wake up in a new part of Alaska each morning
#14 go back in time when you visit small towns in Alaska (this is Skagway)
#13 day trips through parks and to small towns
#11 scenic flights while you visit each port

Europe & Africa

#13 A photographic destination like no other
#14 Santorini fun facts
#2 Beaches of Crete
#10 - Greek Islands fun facts
#7 Benefits of cruising around the Greek Islands
#7 Solo travel in Ireland allows you to reconnect with yourself and the great outdoors
#6 Explore Ireland via city and village walking tours with local expert guides
#5 Dolmens - symbols of Ireland
#15 Fun facts about Guinness in Ireland
#11 The meaning behind the brightly colored doors in Ireland
15. Must see views of Venice
11. Try Tiramisu when in Venice
7. Different types of transport on the canals
8. Explore the beauty of the waterways and architecture
4. Roman Forum
7. Coloseum
5. Pantheon
3. Piazza Navona
7. Thermal Springs aka Turkish Baths are popular destination activities
5. Parliament House - breathtaking architecture and a city landmark
1. Best time of year to travel to Hungary

Mexico, Caribbean & Central America

Resplendent Quetzal
Costa Brava
Mariachi Band
Sunset in Monterrey
mps_Riviera_Maya_Mix de Riviera_Maya


Meet & Greet

- STEP 1 -

Hop on a quick call with me. You tell me about your dream. Where would you travel, what is your travel style and what is your budget.  I explain what it is like to work with me.

- STEP 2 -

Planning Call & Itinerary Delivery

After you decide to hire me and pay the planning fee, we will schedule our planning call. During this call, we will dive even deeper into your upcoming travel plans. I will research and plan your itinerary based on your ideas and my expertise and then I will deliver a digital copy to you.

- STEP 3 -

Revie Itinerary & Confirm

You will review your personalized itinerary, make any minor edits and confirm you are ready to book.

- STEP 4 -

Time To Travel

You will receive your final documents and pack your bags because now you are ready for an amazing travel experience.

Destination Guides

If you are anything like us your list of places to visit keeps growing. We check off one place and put two more places on the list. We have gathered destination guides for places from around the world.  Sign up to learn about someplace you want to go or find a new place to add to your list.

Travel planning

Who we are

“A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.” - J. R. R. Tolkien

At Travel There And Back we are the weavers of the dreams you share with us and for that honor we return to you experiences to fill your memories for a lifetime.

About Michelle

I started Travel There And Back to share my passion for travel and enable others to become travelers and explorers rather than tourists in this world.  My purpose for being here is to listen and truly hear your desires and dreams for a trip and give you memories for a life time. You should not need to take a vacation from planning, organizing and going on your vacation. My roles is to help remove the stress of traveling and give you the trip you have been dreaming about.


I play the role of technology guru and implementor.  My focus is putting the tools in place so Michelle can focus on the important work converting your dreams into memories.


Personalized To You

Instead of picking an itinerary that's ready-made, I love listening to my clients so I can hand pick and design itineraries for your personal travel style and time.

Unique & Curated Experiences

There are times when we want bucket list travel experiences. I provide exclusive and curated experiences that you won't find online or in a brochure.

Immersive Destinations

There is a destination for everyone, but not every destination is for you. I focus on matching the right immersive destination experience to your style.



From Scott

From the micro to the macro, there was not one detail Michelle neglected. As I was busy studying for certifications and could not stomach neglecting studying for hours each day multiple days researching and planning my trip, I was able to study in peace knowing Michelle was spending those hours doing a much more thorough job than I would anyways finding the best deals and times for flights, lodging and transportation, consulting her Rolodex, and all I had to do was show up at the airport. I was impressed with her minute-yet-easily-overlooked last-minute details like having a plan if something happened to my glasses/contacts and ensuring she had a copy of my passport in case anything happened to it while I was traveling, and certainly additional details she brought up I can’t recall because I am just not quite as astute as she is. My trip went buttery-smooth, everything Michelle had planned fell into place and just worked. Less than a week after I got back I had already put her back to work planning my next trip 😉

From Melissa

My husband and I had never been to Mexico, and I was nervous about it due to our food allergies. Michelle went above and beyond to make sure the resort knew about our allergies and that we had an enjoyable time. She booked excursions, accommodations and all the travel so we could have a worry-free anniversary. I would definitely book through Michelle again!

From Mike & Carol

I'd like to tell you a bit about our recent trip to Norway, and how Michelle helped us fulfill a long held dream of going to Norway to investigate Carol's roots. This trip started with many unknowns and questions regarding her family and family roots. She had very limited contact and family knowledge to start from. One of those unknowns was that there was an old family farm "above the arctic circle". We did a lot of research, discussed Michelle what we knew and where we wanted to go. She did all the work, coordinating time tables and schedules to fit traveling from far southern Norway to the most northern point, then traveling by a mail / cargo / passenger ship south along the west coast from Kirkenes in the north to Bergen and home. This trip entailed: Flying to Oslo Train and boat down a large Fjord to Bergen Flight to the middle of Norway Rental car & driving north into the arctic circle Cruise down the coast from far north to far south Flight home with a stop over in Paris. = 3 weeks including 2 international flights / 1 domestic flight / rental car / 2 trains / 1 cruise down the longest and deepest Fjord in Norway / 9 hotels / plenty of "stop over" time along the route to enjoy the culture / a 5 day cruise south along the west coast of Norway. Michelle coordinated all this and answered the many questions we had promptly and professionally. We travel often internationally, I'm pretty good getting us from point A to point B. But his was far above my ability. Do I endorse Michelle as a travel agent? Absolutely. Will I use her again as my agent? Yes, without question. Michelle, you made this more than just a trip. You helped make this a treasured journey. Thank you so very much!

From Beth

We had a fabulous spring break vacation in Italy with our three sons. Michelle was solid perfection in arranging the details including complicated flight schedules for the five of us - - not originating from the same airport or returning home to the same airport. Michelle's scheduling was fantastic, her communications with us was top-notch, and the price point was excellent. She has our enthusiastic recommendation!

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