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Legendary Destinations

Call or email to start making the dream a reality

St. Andrews

For many golfers the ultimate dream is to travel to the birthplace of golf, St. Andrews, and play The Old Course, walking the same fairways Bobby Jones,  Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, imagining the crowds as you walk to the 18th green. 


There are six different courses in the St. Andrews complex that weave in and around each other.  The dream becomes a reality with a single phone call or email.

British & US Opens

The football fan dreams of attending and watching his team play in the Super Bowl.  The baseball fan imagines spending the summer traveling to all the Major League parks. The golfer envisions attending The US Open or The Open Championship.  Maybe your dream is to play the courses that have hosted those tournaments.

Chambers Bay.jpg

Each course and tournament brings special memories.  We look and listen to what is special for you and help you make those memories.

Linking the West Coast

Our friend Dick Stephens, the publisher of Cascade Golfer and owner of Varsity Communications fulfilled an amazing dream in 2020 by driving from Seattle to Pebble Beach and playing the traditional links course along the way.  

Hear and Soul2.jpg

He is a tremendous writer and I encourage you to read his story "Heart and Soul. - A homemade bucket list"

Pebble Beach

Imagine standing on the 7th tee box at Pebble Beach looking out over the ocean. Or is your image the memory of Tom Watson chipping in at 17 during the 1982 US Open?


Maybe you drive down the California coast or you fly across the country.  Are you ready to answer that call of Pebble Beach?

Scotland & Ireland

Do you hear the echoes of the bagpipes, taste the smoky peat of the whiskey or see the foam of the perfect pint of Guinness when you think about golfing Scotland and Ireland? From the courses that host The Open Championship to that local course that inspires that lad and lass to pick up their first club, thousands of courses wait for your first tee shot.


Each dream is unique to that golfer and our goal it to hear your passion and desire and place you on the tee box.

Your Dream destination

There is no wrong answer when asked what your your dream golf trip is.  From the Scottish Highlands to the South Africa Game preserves. From the magic of Disney to the midnight sun of Alaska. From Hawaii to Australia. Wherever your imagination takes you, we can find a place for you to golf.


Our goal is to embrace your imagination and feed that spark in your soul that lives for golf. Your tee time is ready, let us get you to the tee box.

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