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At Taste There and Back we create unique recipes for life-changing travel.

We weave food and wine with local cultural experience so you can immerse yourself with ease.

Food is a doorway into the culture and people of your destination. Step out of the hotel and look for the restaurant that the locals are at.  Some of the best food we have had around the world was in a restaurant that did not have a menu in English or staff that could speak English.  If  you are a foodie then any trip you take revolves around finding that special meal  or cooking class.

Italian Restaurant



From Washington to California, France and Italy to South Africa and Australia, South America to Asia there is nowhere you can go and not find a local wine.  Walking vineyards, touring a winery doing a tasting at a wine bar.  There is nothing like sharing a glass with friends both old and new.

Wine Tasting Events

Whether you are going to an all inclusive resort or staying in a small Farm to Table hotel you can immerse yourself in the local culture of your destination.  It can be food or wine, maybe a round of golf or viewing the masterpieces at a museum, hiking in nature or watching the Northern Lights, each of these and many more activities can give you the experience of a local.  

Cooking Class
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