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Beautiful Landscape


Like walking through the mist at sunrise your dreams become reality with each conversation.  It is our role to start the conversation and tease out those details, like the sun's rays burning off the mist to reveal the landscape around you.  

The Family Castle

How fun to tour a castle with your family’s name on it!? A trip to Scotland afforded that opportunity for a couple to trace his heritage to a family castle in a small town in the Northern part of Scotland

Finding the clan

Scotland and Ireland are full of heritage opportunities. One couple was able to experience both. First, to stay in a hotel that connected to his clan for hundreds of years. Then on to Ireland to explore the area where her family was from. Magical memories created and cherished.

3 Generations off to Alaska

Every Grandma’s dream? Spending time with her kids and grandkids. To be able to do so on an amazing cruise to Alaska, made it even better. Exposing the youngest generation to the beauty and grandeur that is Alaska while strengthening bonds and creating memories together across the generations.

Cabo Graduation

Graduation! What a great milestone to celebrate. To celebrate with friends and family in Mexico where no one cooks or cleans. Everyone just relaxes, plays, connects and has fun. What a dream come true – for the graduates and the parents.


Family, past and present. A couple journeyed to Norway with the dream of seeing the land her grandfather and great grandfather had farmed. In addition, they met family still farming that land. Made new connections that stretch back generations.

One last trip to the islands

Poignant and special. A last wish honored. A family trip to Hawaii for quiet, reflective time together to share the love held for each other and to create additional memories to hold onto and look back on before having to say goodbye way too soon.

Wooden Hut
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