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Our Clients

Each time we send a client out the door and onto their adventure a part of us goes with them.  We love to hear their stories and we end up adding an additional destination to our places to visit. We are fortunate and appreciative of the clients that have been willing to share their feedback here.

Sunday Market
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From Nancy

Michelle, at Travel There and Back, helped us plan a last minute cruise to Alaska.  She was great as she handled all the big and little details with ease.  We had started booking it online but decided to ask Michelle for help to make sure everything went smoothly - and she made sure it did!

She gave us helpful suggestions to make the trip better and explained all our options.  The trip was wonderful and it was very reassuring that if we wanted to change an excursion or if something went wrong on the trip, we could reach out to Michelle and she would help us.


We highly recommend Travel There and Back for your vacation planning.


Thank you Michelle for helping to make this vacation a very special one,

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